C'mon in, the water's open






You - or a group of friends have signed up to Go Tri or a Mates Wave or are doing something amazing for charity, maybe a distance swim or open water Triathlon.


Well done!  Now you're starting to wonder what you've got yourself into...all those confident people swimming perfectly... can you do it, and where do you practice?  Sound familiar?


Book a session with us to see how you can get around safely and enjoyably. Prove you're doing it for charity or a good cause and we'll give 10% of our fee back to your cause.  Come on your own or with your friends.



You were persuaded to do a triathlon or open water swim race and now you're hooked. Oh dear!


You want to do the best you can and avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls.  You're looking at maybe racing rather than just completing.


We'll show you the tricks of the trade for a faster easier race.  There's also a good chance we've raced the course ourselves.


You'll race smarter after just one session with SwimWerkx and get to the bike or bacon sandwich in much better shape.



You are looking at a PB or podium or perhaps being selected for club or GB Age Group.


You may have reached a plateau in your swim leg times.  We'll show you the latest techniques from proven schools like Tower 26, BTF Performance, Swim Smooth and others.


If you don't know already we'll show you the differences from pool swimming and how to  translate your committment and ambition into speed in the water analysing catch, pull, turnover, and body position.


The rest is up to you.



what do you want to do today?

Your'e in the right place!  Whatever your aspirations in swimming and Open Water, we can help.  Just want to get used to the open water? Fine no problem.  Want to know what the differences are between pool and open water, got it covered.  Finding that you're all effort or you've reached a plateau in performance, we'll help you break that ceiling.  We're also experienced triathletes and racers too!


SwimWerkx offer bespoke swim coaching with the emphasis on fun and results, fast!  All we ask is that you bring a smile and a give-it-a-go-attitude.

Although the coaches at SwimWerkx are qualified, what we don't do is TEACH swimming from scratch. You'll be looking at improving your front crawl in Open Water, either at sessions in the lake or sea, or in your favourite pool.  We swim different!


Many of our participants are looking to train smartly for an event or race, many just want to finish happy and not exhausted.  You'll most likely fall into one of three camps.  Take a look below to see which one suits you best.   One thing we can promise, there'll be no surfer dudes in our open water!


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