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How we do it!

At Swimwerkx you'll find our approach fits you because we remember our first nervous steps into swimming and open water.  


You'll get more than the usual one stroke fits all approach, and we can help you understand everything from hand position to breathing to the latest thinking about that elusive catch and pull.


A lesson is as long as we think you're having fun, and we usually film you where allowed and whether you book one or more sessions you'll get a personal email reminding you of what you learnt.


 All coaches are fully OW insured and are CRB | DBS checked.


Our guarantee?  if you feel that you've learnt nothing or are not more confident getting out of the water than when you got in then there's no charge, or the next one is on us.  We like you to leave happy!

How we do it

From Intermediate to GB Age Group

Get to the next stage, consider a 70 minute personalised hands on swim session, indoor or outdoor pool, sea or lake, you'll depart with drills, technique, film analysis and commentary plus a tips sheet and swim programme if you want it


Why not get together a group, and practice your drafting, sighting or just the best way to swim fast and effortless front crawl in any environment. Ideal for friends or club mates or anyone wanting to experience open water or group swimming

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Swimwerkx provides easy, proven coaching for swimmers looking at their first front crawl swim, Big Swim, Triathlon, Pool or Open Water.  Our hand's on technique ensures that you depart after ONE session with all the tools you need, or your money back.  How many can say that? We can train athletes, see, but we focus on delivery of race proven technique that makes you go faster, its that simple!


Paul Gardner is an experienced front crawl and open water swim coach. Based just north of London the team has access to

lakes around the m25 and can travel with expenses paid. Home Lake is Denham near Hillingdon and Rickmansworth Hertfordshire.  Home pool is Stoke Mandeville or High Wycombe although in reality any pool works

He has competed for GB at Triathlon and is a  BTF LII Diploma *Coach [Open Water], holds NOWCA Open Water Coach Accreditation and is a member of the STA, he's an Ironman Certified Coach and is level II Training Peaks qualified too. 
Himself coached by some of the best he now passes this knowledge onto others in an easy to understand, hands-on way that is 15 years proven 

*the old L III performance qualification, and is the first to gain it in the UK

He is principal coach at Lovetri Racing and Coaching, and was technical lane swim coach for Hillingdon Triathletes for 11 years.  He specialises in optimising technique to an individual's abilities to ensure a confident and relaxed time in the water.  He is especially effective with nervous swimmers and those seeking the next step up in competitive triathlon racing to represent GB

Athletes have included and include novices, Tri Club athletes, GB Age Group and even an ex Olympian  Mostly friendly,

he can be found generally delaying getting into the lake until at least late summer, unless it's Majorca.  That's him in the first photo below!

Juliet Wallace-Mason, assistant coach, and Swimming Director is an accredited STA Open Water Coach and accomplished open water swimmer, self confessed mermaid, and loves nothing better than swimming, buddying up with nervous swimmers and or passing her knowledge on. 


She's was ranked last time she raced in 2020 at #6 in the world in her age group at Aquabike, so she's pretty useful on the bike too.


She is a qualified L1 British Triathlon Coach and Assistant Coach at the annual Lovetri Spring Training Camps in held at the world reknowned fast pool BEST swimming centre Majorca. She's also a Royal Lifesaving Society Open Water Lifeguard

Based in Worcester, home lakes include Watersedge Lake near Bishampton offering 250m, 400m, and 700m swim course where she is head open water and cold water immersion coach.  Juliet can also travel to various other locations including the Lenches and University of Worcester swim venues

Unlike Paul she's happy in any temperature water and always travels with her wetsuit and costume!

That's her in the second photo below!


Click on the YouTube Link below and subscribe for free to the swim channel and join our Facebook page for latest updates!

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Who We Are


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Lovetri | Swimwerkx

Berkhamsted House
121 High Street

Berkhamsted Hertfordshire HP30AX

SwimWerkx coaches are fully insured.  Coaches are covered by the STA UK blanket policy for open water coaching.  In addition certain coaches are covered by British Triathlon Ultimate Coach insurance AXA XL 1979893/0 for £5m under public liability with a further excess public liability of £10m under RSA Insurance Group plc Policy YMM903231.  Coaching is provided under conditions and best practice guidelines of the British Triathlon Federation. To swim safety  you'll have to be able to swim at last 200m in a pool; be willing to sign SwimWerkx indemnity; [SCROLL UP] sign in and comply with the host venue's swimming and safety conditions and confirm that you are not under medication that might affect or impair your mental and physical abilities.  We'll take juniors under sixteen but only with parental attendance.

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Put me back in the water!


Hosted by Robin and his team why not visit and swim in the beautiful clear waters of Denham, 1k loops


Monday mornings - 7:45 - 9:45 AM (check in from 7:30 AM)
Tuesday mornings - 7:45 - 9:45 AM (check in from 7:30 AM)
Wednesday mornings - 7:45 - 9:45 AM (check in from 7:30 AM)
Thursday mornings - 7:45 - 9:45 AM (check in from 7:30 AM)
Friday mornings - 7:45 - 9:45 AM (check in from 7:30 AM)

Saturday mornings - 8:15 - 9:45 AM (check in from 8:00 AM)
Sunday mornings - 8:15 - 9:45 AM (check in from 8:00 AM)


Monday evenings - 7:15 PM - 8:30 PM (check in from 7 PM)
Tuesday evenings - 7:15 PM - 8:30 PM (check in from 7 PM)
Thursday evenings - 7:15 PM - 8:30 PM (check in from 7 PM)

PRICE - £7

ALL bookings are now done through the NOWCA Actio App. You must be a member of NOWCA in order to book onto the sessions. Link to sign up to NOWCA and to download the app can be found at


Hosted by Emily and her team why not visit and swim the 700, 400 and 250m loops, and bring your Kayak or SUP


Mondays - SUP/Kayak only

Tuesdays - SUP/Kayak only
Wednesdays - 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm (swim as long as you like)
Thursdays - SUP/Kayak only

Fridays - 7:00 am - 10:00 am (swim as long as you like)

Saturdays  - SUP/Kayak only
Sundays  mornings - 9:00 am to 12:00pm ONLY (swim as long as you like)

PRICE - £9 (swim as long as you like)

ALL bookings are now done through the NOWCA Actio App. You must be a member of NOWCA in order to book onto the sessions. Link to sign up to NOWCA and to download the app can be found at



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